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Walk-in Bathtubs

Discover our diverse range of walk-in tubs, crafted for optimal safety, comfort, and easy access.

We Provide Comprehensive Walk-In Tub Installations


The Guardian - Walk-in Bathtub

With our revolutionary outward swinging door, the 32″ wide opening makes it the easiest Walk-In-Tub to access.

29" W x 37" H x 51" L


The Imperial - Walk-in Bathtub

Equipped with an inward swinging door allowing to fit anywhere a traditional tub can with its 19.5″ wide door it is easy to enter and exit

29" W x 37" H x 51" L


The Zen - Walk-in Bathtub

Small & Efficient

Bathers can sit upright in this Japanese soaking tub, allowing for a relaxing foot bath or a full soak up to the chest. Replacing a 48″ tub with a smaller footprint and much taller walls, the upright design uses less water than other models and comes with our signature outward-swinging door.

The Majestic - Walk-in Bathtub

Our Bariatric Walk – In – Tub with the same 32″ wide outward swinging door. With the 30″ wide seat, it gives you more room and comfort.

35" W x 37" H x 53" L


The Oasis - Walk-in Bathtub

Long & Elegant

Longer than other models with a length of 60″ with a reclined back rest, it is made for optimal relaxation and a neck-deep bathing experience. It comes equipped with all our standard features, and can also have any of our options added on.

Center & Left/Right Drain Showers

Elegant and Modern

Center Drain 36″ X 36″
This unit is specifically designed for bathrooms with limited space options. Features a Phenolic fold seat – grab bars – hand held flexible shower head – easy control lever faucets.

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